Muhammad Zeshan For ECP

Muhammad Zeshan, MD

Sandra M. DeJong, MD, MSc

Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Part-Time)
Harvard Medical School

“I have known Muhammad since he was a fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and have been honored to mentor and teach him. His integrity, thoughtfulness, and commitment to doing what is right would make him an outstanding ECP Trustee. He was a pioneer in psychiatric care in his native Pakistan, and continues to lead here in the US. His drive to improve psychiatry and psychiatric care for patients is unwavering.”

Vasudev N Makhija, MD, DLFAPA

President - SAMHIN- South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network
Past president of New Jersey Psychiatric Association (2012-2013)

”I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Muhammad Zeshan as an outstanding, dedicated, compassionate, and knowledgeable clinician. His commitment to education, leadership capabilities, and advocacy for the mentally ill make him an excellent choice for the position of ECP Trustee.

Alexandra M Harrison, MD

Associate Professor (part time)
Harvard Medical School- Cambridge Health Alliance
CEO Supporting Child Caregiver ( SCC)

Dr. Muhammad Zeshan has devoted himself to the care of children and parents across the economic spectrum and across the globe. He is a powerful voice combating the stigma of mental illness in Pakistan, where resources are scant, and where his dedication to teaching child development and mental health is demonstrated by multiple attractive books for medical students and nurses. This prodigious effort is matched by his clinical work and by his use of social media to educate parents in the U.S.  Dr. Zeshan integrates sophisticated developmental science with practical parent guidance,  also bringing his valuable multicultural perspectives to children and families.  He is a natural choice for the position of ECP Trustee.”

Panagiota Korenis, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Past Residency Program Director
Past Vice Chair Bronx Lebanon Hospital

I am writing to strongly endorse Muhammad Zeshan for the position of ECP within the APA. As his mentor and training PD, I have had the privilege of witnessing his professional growth and commitment to the field of psychiatry. Dr. Zeshan is an exceptional doctor who is truly passionate about his work, and is more than committed to helping marginalised and underserved communities in the USA and across the globe. I have worked with hundreds of residents throughout the years, however, I can honestly say that Dr. Zeshan is the most dedicated resident I have met with regards to his perseverance, professionalism, and passion for pursuing knowledge. He has my highest support to run for this position.

Muhammad Waqar Azeem, MD, DFAPA, DFAACAP

Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Sidra Medicine
Professor of Psychiatry
Weill Cornell Medical College
Director, WPA Collaborating Centre

I have known Muhammad Zeshan for over a decade. Dr. Zeshan is highly dedicated and is known for his leadership qualities, effective communication, and commitment to advancing the profession. His dedication to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the Pakistani American Psychiatrist Association of North America (PAPANA) is phenomenal.  His ability to lead, collaborate, and advocate effectively for medical students, trainees, psychiatrists,  and their patients is demonstrated by his work in piloting transgender mental health program, empowering children and families of Christian Communities in Pakistan, the inauguration of the first Autism Center in Punjab, writing Child Psychiatry guidelines, offering online subspecialty certification courses for Pakistan as well celebrating first South Asian Mental Health Day in Collaboration with Indo-American Psychiatrist Association (IAPA). 


Dr. Zeshan’s approachability and skill in delegation, along with his focus on building strong teams make him a valuable leader. His candidacy for a leadership role appears to be a move towards ensuring that psychiatrists continue to play a significant role in healthcare discussions and decision-making processes. I strongly support him and I hope you will too.

Michelle P. Durham, MD, MPH, DFAPA

Psychiatrist, Houston, TX

Muhammad has always been dedicated to service, the field and advocacy. He is highly motivated and passionate about making changes for the betterment of physicians and patients.

Asim A Shah, MD

Professor & Executive Vice Chair
Chief , Division of Community Psychiatry Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX

Dr. Zeshan has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and a deep understanding of psychiatric principles. He has shown a particular aptitude in leadership, global mental health, advocacy, and minority mental health which I believe will be invaluable to the American Psychiatrist Association.


He also possesses the unique ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues across various disciplines, as well as with the regional, national, and international organisations (Indo-American Psychiatrist Association, Pakistan Psychiatric Society, World Psychiatrist Association (WPA), a skill that is essential for the multidimensional challenges faced in psychiatric practice. His communication skills, within the professional community, are exemplary. 



He is active on social media spreading mental health awareness and has more than 12K Facebook followers. He authored 4 books, published 22 articles, presented more than 100 seminars/workshops/guest lectures. He is a certified Maxwell Leadership and Master Parenting Coach. He teaches at Rutgers, provides locum consultation in NJ & MA, and has his own part time private practice in NJ.



He is a well-rounded candidate for the APA ECP position. I fully support him. 

Javeed Sukhera, MD, PhD FRCPC

Psychiatrist, CT

Dr Zeshan is an incredible and gifted psychiatrist and colleague. He is thoughtful and diligent and will make an excellent representative. He is also a steadfast advocate who works alongside underserved and structurally marginalized populations with humility and dedication.

Anu Upadhyay, MD

Past President NJPA Central Chapter 2020-2022

I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Zeshan for his exemplary leadership within the APA, particularly as the General Secretary of the Central NJPA chapter during a critical COVID-19 period. His dedication and collegial approach was instrumental in navigating those challenging times. Dr. Zeshan’s commitment to cultural competence and diversity is not only commendable but also essential for the future direction of the APA. I am enthusiastic in my support for his candidacy and confident in his ability to lead and inspire positive change.

Sadiq Naveed, MD, MPH, DFAACAP

Psychiatry Program Director at Eastern Connecticut Health Network, CT
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut, CT
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, CT

I have known Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for more than 15 years. He is a friend, colleague, and confidant. Besides being an excellent psychiatrist, his kindness, compassion, and advocacy for marginalised communities put him in the league of exceptional leaders. He has translated his intentions into several initiatives, such as advocacy for LGBT and inter-sex communities and community development in the form of Pakistan’s first Center in the public sector for Children and Adolescents with ASD. 


These are only a couple to name. He has played a pivotal role in efforts to improve psychiatric care on a global platform. He is invested in mentorship and career development of early career physicians. He has been an important part of APA’s Caucus for IMGs. With him being part of the membership committee, his passion for early career physicians, and his exceptional leadership skills, he is perfectly placed to represent the organization at ECP Trustee.

Consuelo Cagande, MD, DFAPA, DFAACAP

Div Chief and Associate Professor,
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

“Dr Zeshan is a trailblazing ECP. He is already accomplished and has an acumen for advocating what ECPs need to practice and integrate life with work. He has established himself as a mentor and coach. These are just some qualities that qualify him to be a Trustee.”

Sasidhar Gunturu, MD, FAPA

Associate Vice Chair for Education | Residency Training Director
Icahn School of Medicine Bronx Care Hospital

“Muhammed is one of the brightest residents we graduated from Bronx Care and the work he does both in the USA and Pakistan is commendable… very inspiring!”

Nauman Ashraf, MD

Program Director
General Psychiatry Residency and
Addiction Medicine Fellowship Programs KCU GME Consortium/Ozark Center

I am writing to endorse Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for the Early Career Psychiatrist Position in the upcoming American Psychiatric Association elections in 2024. I have had the pleasure of working with Zeshan closely for the last several years and can attest to his exceptional skills and dedication to the field of psychiatry, particularly mentoring students and residents interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry. 


I have been most impressed with Zeshan’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. His most remarkable work in this domain has been the transgender mental health initiative in Pakistan. He collaborated with the Indo-American Psychiatric Association (IAPA) to organise the first South Asian Mental Health Day. This collaboration resulted in a guidance webinar for the International Medical Graduates applying to Psychiatry and a research symposium for the medical students. 


Personally, I have found Zeshan to be respectful, considerate, and trustworthy. He has a passion for food, and I recall that some of our scholarly project collaborations began over a shared meal.

His experience, knowledge, passion, and track record make him an ideal candidate for this position. I strongly urge you to consider supporting Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for the APA ECP position in the upcoming election.

Geoffrey Talis, MD, MS

Early Career Psychiatrist, NJ

I met Dr. Zeshan during psychiatry residency training at Rutgers and became quickly aware that his approach to teaching and mentoring embodied safety, empathy, openness to experience, and patience. It always felt that he was trying to not only understand my questions to psychiatric care on an intellectual level, but what reason I was asking a question to address the underlying need I couldn’t express verbally. I truly felt as if I were being nurtured both on a professional and spiritual level, which in retrospect feels so appropriate for a budding psychiatrist to experience. That ability to bring authentic emotional connectivity to the workplace to enhance the essential healthcare needs of our communities (both locally and globally) and within our workplace resonates profoundly when Dr. Zeshan is around. 


He is a shining example of someone who stands firmly by his values and also carries the gentle kindness to deliver messages that touch your heart. I am grateful to call Dr. Zeshan not only my colleague and an esteemed mentor, but also my dear and trusted friend with whom I feel so connected to.

Rachel Conrad, MD

Faculty, Harvard Medical Center for Bioethics
Eisenhower Fellow, USA Justice Program

Muhammad is a fantastic colleague who fills a critical need within the field of psychiatry. He has prolific leadership experience in global mental health, cultural psychiatry, and family partnership. He balances academic interests, excellent clinical care, advocacy, and access while executing projects with a pragmatism that enables a meaningful impact on our field.

Hesham Hamoda, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

“I have known Dr. Zeshan for many years, initially working with him as a supervisor and mentor and I have since known him as a friend and colleague. I wholeheartedly support his nomination. He genuinely cares about his patients, colleagues, and profession and is able to build bridges and work with diverse teams. He is a talented leader that the field of psychiatry needs.”

Saeed Ahmed, MD

Director Addiction Services and Dual Diagnosis Unit
Saint Francis Hospital | Trinity Health Of New England
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut (UConn)

I feel incredibly honored to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Muhammad Zeshan, M.D., for the role of Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) Trustee 2024 at the American Psychiatric Association (APA). As a close associate and friend, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness his unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to psychiatry.


From sharing insights at conferences to jointly receiving awards, our professional journey together has given me a front-row seat to his remarkable contributions. Whether it was his impactful tenure as an APA Diversity Fellow, his diligent service on the APA Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning, or his nomination as the APA Resident-Fellow Member (RFM) Assembly Representative, Dr. Zeshan’s commitment to the field has been nothing short of inspiring.


The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, but Dr. Zeshan rose to the occasion. As the General Secretary of the Central Chapter of New Jersey APA, his leadership shone brightly in the face of adversity. His academic feats are equally impressive, evident from numerous workshops, webinars, published works, and his pivotal contribution to child psychiatry guidelines for physicians.


Dr. Zeshan’s influence reaches far beyond academia. His recognition as the “Angel’s Advocate” in Rutgers Pulse Magazine, features in Forbes and NJ Family Magazine, and an engaging social media presence with a following of around 12k people on Facebook showcase his ability to resonate with and inspire a diverse audience.


In spite of his professional accomplishments, he remains grounded, maintaining a part-time private practice that highlights his deep-rooted commitment to patient care. His life in Princeton, NJ, with his loving wife and two children, underscores his strong ties to the community.


To sum it up, Dr. Muhammad Zeshan is more than just a psychiatrist – he’s a leader, scholar, advocate, and integral part of his community. His vast experience, strong leadership, steadfast dedication to psychiatry, and his unique ability to connect with people make him an outstanding candidate for the ECP Trustee 2024 at the APA. I endorse him without reservation, assured that he will continue to break new ground in the field of psychiatry.

Sohail Mohammad, MD, MPH

Past Vice-President NJPA, central chapter (2020 – 2022)

I feel privileged to endorse Dr. Zeshan for the leadership role with the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Dr. Zeshan is double board certified in General Adult and Child/ Adolescent Psychiatry with a niche in infant-maternal mental health, and is a strong advocate of comprehensive mental health care services locally and globally.


 I have known Dr. Zeshan personally served as secretary at the New Jersey Psychiatric Association (NJPA) central chapter. His dedication and passion to make a positive impact through mental health advocacy is evident from his active participation in various mental health caucuses, patient care, education, and scholarly activities. I am confident Dr. Zeshan will present solutions-based approaches to the vision, mission, and values of APA.

Zheala Qayyum, MD, MMSc

Training Director|Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship
Associate Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry & Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

I am immensely proud to witness the evolution of Dr. Muhammed Zeshan whom I had the privilege of mentoring during his training years. It is with great admiration that I see how Dr. Zeshan has transformed into an exceptional physician, a visionary leader, a fervent advocate, and a true ambassador of change. His unwavering dedication and commitment to advancing mental health awareness are particularly noteworthy, especially in the realms of maternal and infant mental health, as well as innovative parenting approaches in middle and low-income countries.


Dr. Zeshan’s impact extends globally through his involvement with the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), showcasing his influence on an international scale. What stands out, however, is his humility and genuine focus on mentorship. He generously imparts his knowledge and guidance to students, both locally and internationally. His commitment to mentoring speaks volumes about his character and his desire to contribute to the growth and development of the next generation of mental health professionals. He gives me hope that the future of our field, and the service we provide our patients and their families is in excellent hands!

Awais Aftab, MD.

Clinical Assistant Professor,
Case Western Reserve University.

I’m pleased to support Muhammad Zeshan’s candidacy for the 2024 APA ECP position. Dr Zeshan is a dedicated psychiatrist and a steadfast grassroots worker. He has been an endless advocate of early career psychiatrists, the psychiatric profession, and the needs of the mentally ill. I have full confidence in his leadership.


Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Zeshan celebrates and champions the unity that we need in leadership and our profession. He has impressed me as a compassionate, humble and accomplished authentic leader. So many will talk the talk, but Dr. Zeshan walks the walk. He is modest and kind, the kind of leader that we need to bridge our worlds and unite to serve our patients, families and communities. As you can see from his many achievements to date, he is a tireless fighter for health equity, mental health, and our collective humanity. When I heard that he had started the first transgender mental health initiative within Pakistan, I was amazed by his courage and strong sense of guiding values. He also understands the power of people and technology, in synergy.  I know that he will bring the best of himself to serve the APA and lead our important ECP voice of psychiatry for the future. We are at a critical point in our organisation’s history and we need leaders who can envision a path forward and a brighter future for everyone.  That ECP leader is Dr. Zeshan.

Richard R. Pleak, MD

Director of Education & Training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Associate Professor
Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

I humbly and wholeheartedly support Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for the position of APA’s ECP Rep. I have known Dr Zeshan for years, and have presented together with him and I have seen his presentations at local and international professional conferences. He is an amazing advocate for the mental health of children, adolescents, adults, and families across the globe. 


His pioneering work with marginalised people, including LGBTQ youth and adults, has been ground-breaking in the US and other countries. Dr. Zeshan is a great advocate for improving mental health – with direct service, governmental agencies, and with professional organisations, colleagues, and students. This places him as an ideal candidate for APA’s ECP Rep.

Katya Frischer MD

Diplomate of the Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
New York, NY

I am excited to endorse Muhammad Zeshan for the APA ECP Position. I worked closely with Dr. Zeshan when he was a resident at Bronx Lebanon Hospital (Bronx Care) where I was the director of Inpatient Psychiatry. 


He stood out among residents in his desire to learn as much as possible from as many sources as possible. He was involved in several research projects, and I worked with him closely on understanding and identifying patients who are at high risk for readmissions. While working on this project Dr. Zeshan reviewed the relevant literature, considered the problem, and figured out ways to ask the next important question. 

He is smart, inquisitive, and thoughtful about both individual patients and the systems that affect their lives. As a resident he sought out mentorship and used it to learn, advance and develop as a doctor. Since then, 


Dr. Zeshan has continued to develop as a psychiatrist in an academic institution and has continued to look for ways to work with residents and fellow psychiatrists to advance the issues that he is passionate about. I believe Dr. Zeshan is one of the future leaders of our profession and is an ideal candidate to be an APA ECP Trustee.


I have known Dr Zeshan for years, and have presented together with him and I have seen his presentations at local and international professional conferences. He is an amazing advocate for the mental health of children, adolescents, adults, and families across the globe. 

His pioneering work with marginalised people, including LGBTQ youth and adults, has been ground-breaking in the US and other countries. Dr. Zeshan is a great advocate for improving mental health – with direct service, governmental agencies, and with professional organisations, colleagues, and students. This places him as an ideal candidate for APA’s ECP Rep.

Tamar Katz, MD, PhD

Boston children’s hospital

Dr. Zeshan is a stellar colleague. He consistently acts with kindness and empathy for colleagues and patients alike. The profession is lucky to have him. He is also academically accomplished and a self starter and perpetual life learner. He is a true role model.

Mardoche Sidor, MD

Quadruple Board-Certified Psychiatrist Founder,
and CEO of the SWEET Institute
New York, NY

To all my American Psychiatric Association colleagues, I have known Muhammad Zeshan for many years. He is running for the American Psychiatrist Association ( APA) Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) position. When you have a moment please visit his homepage link to hear more about his message and what he is passionately hoping to bring through leadership.

Khalid I. Afzal, MD, DFAACAP

Associate Professor
Director, Pediatric Psychiatry
Consultation-Liaison Service
The University of Chicago, IL

I met Dr. Muhammad Zeshan a few years ago during a conference. Behind his smiling face and mild manners, he carried an aura of genuineness and sincerity that left a lasting impression, and we have stayed connected since then. His remarkable work ethic, leadership skills, and commitment to psychiatry have been the driving forces behind his achievements since graduation. Dr. Zeeshan is an exceptional clinician who exemplifies advocacy and steadfastness. He is a role model who effectively uses social media to reach a local, national, and international audience. The remarkable number of books, journal articles, and speaking engagements he has completed demonstrate his capacity to deliver. I doubt I have ever seen a more accomplished early-career psychiatrist.


I feel confident, honoured, and privileged to endorse Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for the Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP) Trustee 2024 at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2024.

Francis Francis Lu, MD, DLFAPA

Kim Professor in Cultural Psychiatry,
Emeritus, UC Davis

I have known Muhammad since 2018 when he was awarded one of the AADPRT Nyapati Rao & Francis Lu IMG Fellowship Awards. His service to APA already includes the Council on Medical Education (2017-2019) and now the Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities (2023-2026) among other components.

Ahmad Rehan Khan MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
Adult Psychiatry
Addiction Medicine
President Sims USA Alumni
Treasurer Elect PAPANA

I have known Dr. Zeshan even before starting my Residency. He is an excellent psychiatrist and even better person. I have not seen many people more personable than him.

Fauzia Zubair Arain, MD

Resident Psychiatrist
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Muhammad Zeshan for the position of ECP Trustee within the American Psychiatric Association (APA). As his mentee, I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from his guidance and mentorship throughout my professional journey, which began during the residency application process. Dr. Zeshan’s unwavering commitment to psychiatry, advocacy for mental health, and dedication to underserved communities in both the USA and globally are truly remarkable. His leadership capabilities, extensive contributions to the field, and compassionate approach make him the ideal candidate for this position.


Furthermore, I have had the privilege of witnessing Dr. Muhammad Zeshan’s exceptional leadership skills in action. He has played a pivotal role in rebuilding the Pakistani American Psychiatric Association of North America (PAPANA), where he initially started serving as the General Secretary with only a few cabinet members. Under his guidance, PAPANA has extended collaborations with other psychiatric professional organizations, organized numerous impactful events, and promoted mental health care activities and awareness. Dr. Zeshan’s current role as President of PAPANA has allowed him to lead a large community of dedicated members.


His tireless efforts for mental health awareness and education in his native country Pakistan are commendable. He has delivered countless presentations in educational institutions, hospitals, community centers, and underserved areas. Dr. Zeshan has also undertaken significant projects related to autism and LGBTQ issues, and he consistently provides invaluable mentorship and guidance to International Medical Graduates (IMGs). His commitment to advancing mental health and supporting fellow professionals further demonstrates his qualifications for the ECP Trustee position within the American Psychiatric Association.


Additionally, I know Dr. Zeshan personally as a loving father and husband, a sincere friend with a compassionate heart, and someone who is always there to lend a helping hand. His humor and fun-loving nature make him a joy to be around. These qualities further attest to his suitability for the ECP Trustee position. I am confident that he will continue to inspire positive change and advancements in psychiatry, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.