Muhammad Zeshan For ECP

Muhammad Zeshan, MD


(40 + Presentations This Year!)

Grand Round Presentations

  1. Modern Parenting, Generation Gap, Screen Addiction: What Parents and Clinical Can Do? Sidra Medical Center, Doha Qatar 11/06/23


CME Session/Certification Course

  1. Moderator APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America) Psychiatry CME Fall Convention, Houston, TX 11/17
  2. Modern Parenting, Screen Addiction, Academic Success: What Parents Can Do? APPNA Fall Convention 11/17
  3. Moderator APPNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America) Psychiatry CME Summer Convention, Dallas, TX 07/08
  4. Modern Parenting, Screen Addiction, Punishment vs Discipline. APPNA Summer Convention
  5. PAPANA Online Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Certification Course-Oppositional Defiant Disorder/Conduct Disorder. 04/30


Invited Guest/Keynote Speaker:

  1. Living with Technology and Digital Citizenship: Helping Children and Families Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad in Digital Age. King Edward Medical University 12/12 (Online)
  2. How Intergeneration Trauma Impacts Children and Teens: United Minority Organization Seminar for Children and Families of Christian Community in Jarranwala, Pakistan 11/15
  3. Mastering the Art of Leadership, Academic Success, and Personal Growth (Keynote Speaker). National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Pakistan 11/14
  4. Promoting Positive Parenting: Introduction to Nurturing Care Framework. Symposium at Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan 11/14
  5. Role of Positive & Responsive Parenting in Holistic Development of Children (Keynote Speaker). Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS), 11/13
  6. Unleash Your Child’s Potential: The Secret to Empowering Future Leaders. Annual Pakistan Psychiatric Society Conference Sukkhur, Pakistan 11/10-11/12
  7. Building a Strong Foundation: The Key to your child’s success in Academics and Extracurricular Activities. Annual Pakistan Psychiatric Society Conference Sukkhur, Pakistan 11/10-11/12
  8. Raising Future Leaders: Equipping Your Child with Problem Solving Skills. Annual Pakistan Psychiatric Society Conference Sukkhur, Pakistan 11/10-11/12
  9. Modern Parenting, Screen Addiction, Drug Use: What Parents Can Do Annual Pakistan Psychiatric Society Conference Sukkhur, Pakistan 11/10-11/12
  10. Unleash Your Potential: Mastering the Art of Leadership, Career Excellence, & Personal Growth. Keynote Speaker, Nishtar Medical University, Multan, Pakistan, 11/10
  11. Understanding Childhood Disorders and Effective Parenting (Keynote Speaker). Sialkot Medical College, Pakistan. 11/07/23
  12. International Mental Health Awareness Day Webinar organized by the British Pakistani psychiatrists Association and the Royal College of Psychiatrist (Online) 10/07
  13. Childhood Depression Awareness Day organized by Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning (Online) 05/02
  14. Prevention and Intervention Strategies; Evidence-Based Approaches to Drug Abuse Prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Online) 04/29
  15. A Guide to Future Mental Health Practioners with Live Question and Answers Session, Sandbox Pakistan. 03/07
  16. Management of PTSD in Children & Adolescent at the International Symposium on Child Psychiatry in Lahore Pakistan 03/03
  17. Panel Discussion: Prioritizing Child Mental Health Challenges & Solutions. King Edward Medical University, Pakistan. 03/06
  18. Management of Substance Use in Universities of Pakistan at NUML Pakistan 02/28
  19. Free Child Mental Health Camp and Symposium on Autism Spectrum Disorder at Faisalabad Medical University, Pakistan 03/01
  20. Meet & Greet and Panel Discussion with Mental Health Experts at Aga Khan University Pakistan, 03/02
  21. Building Baby Brain: Infant Mental Health Training for Community Health Workers (Keynote). WPA Thematic Congress March 2023, Karachi Pakistan 03/03 – 03/05
  22. Breaking Screen Addiction in Kids and Teenagers: Practical tips for Parents, Teachers, and Doctors. WPA Thematic Congress March 2023, Karachi Pakistan 03/03 – 03/05
  23. Management of Substance Use in Schools & Colleges in Pakistan (Keynote). Nishtar Medical University 02/27
  24. Depression Affecting Mental and Emotional Health of Children. City School Larkana, Pakistan 02/23
  25. Teenage Challenges & Boundaries: Tips & Techniques. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi Pakistan 02/22
  26. Mental Health & Wellness of Healers: Reducing Burnout among Psychologist and Healthcare Professionals. Univ. of Karachi Pakistan 02/22
  27. Mental Health and Awareness Coaching for Patients and Families. Pak International Hospital, Pakistan 02/22
  28. Parenting (Raising the Children with the Challenges of 21st Century) Sir CJIP Hyderabad, Pakistan 02/21
  29. Modern Parenting, Screen Addiction, & Cyberbullying. JMPC Karachi, Pakistan. 02/20
  30. The Role of Parents-Teachers in Managing Addiction & Mental Health Issues. Hometown Community Foundation. 02/13


AACAP New York, NY 10/23 – 10/28

  1. Clinical Perspective: Muslim Fathers Speak to Their Infants: Newborn Behavioral Observation
  2. Special Interest Group on Global Mental Health for Early Career Psychiatrist


APA Annual Conference, San Francisco CA 05/20 – 05/24

  1. Symposium- The IMG Journey: Snapshots Across the Professional Lifespan
  2. Symposium- Empowering Trainees to Engage in Scholarly Work and Leadership Role



  1. Development Thru Life – Preschool Year/Role Play 10/10
  2. Assessing the Preschool Age Children. RWJ Child Psychiatry Fellow Didactic 08/08
  3. Assessing the Elementary School-Age Children. RWJ Child Psychiatry Fellow Didactic 07/07