Muhammad Zeshan For ECP

Muhammad Zeshan, MD

Authored Books:

  1. Psychiatry for Medical Students – Zeshan M, Harrison A, Taj R 2023
  2. Psychiatry for Nursing Students – Zeshan M, Harrison A, Taj R 2023
  3. Ehsaas Kahanian (60 short stories on parenting in Urdu language) – Zeshan M; Mohsin M 2023
  4. Dastoor-E-Ikhlaq (Animated short story on bullying in Urdu language) – Zeshan M 2023

Book Chapter:

  1. Zeshan M, Cheema R: Disorder of Childhood and Adolescence : Neuroscience for psychiatrist. March 2018 (book chapter).
  2. Zeshan M, Arain F, Tohid A, Jawad M, Imam A, Arain H:Introduction to pediatric psychopharmacology. Behavioral pediatrics 5th edition

Peer Reviewed Publications:

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